What happens if you allow your Alcohol/Liquor Licence to lapse?

Can Your Licence Be Revived?

Customs and Excise can renew alcohol licences annually so long as a licence was taken out in the previous licensing year.  The licensing year runs from the 30th September each year to 12 o’clock midnight on the 30th September of the following year.

If you have failed to renew your alcohol / liquor licence during the course of a licensing year it is usually possible to revive it by way of a Court Application provided certain criteria can be met.  It is also possible to revive it in the name of a different Applicant if they have obtained possession of the property.

Why Choose Us?

Liquor Licensing is a complex and multi faceted process.

We pride ourselves on providing a simple, non technical road map with a speedy timeline for completion of the project.   Along the way, we will liaise directly with architects and accountants to leave you free to concentrate on your business.


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