Liquor Licensing (2)

The Compton Licensing team have a proven, award winning track record for the last 32 years having licensed over 600 premises including Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Off Licences, Pubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Breweries, Distilleries and Registered Clubs.

The Licensing team provides a complete wraparound service including acquiring title to the proposed site, overseeing the Planning process, sourcing a Licence, and carrying out all legal work to secure the successful grant of the Licence.

We have a large client base countrywide including Supermarket Chains, Convenience stores, Small Supermarkets, Off Licence Chains, individual Off Licences, Leading Hotel groups, individual Hotels, boutique Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Breweries, Distilleries, Registered Clubs and Theatres.

Recent Projects

  • Completed the licensing of a chain of 30 supermarkets in a short period of time which was possible as we have a large licensing team that can cover various courts around the country on the same day.
  • Obtaining first Producer’s Retail On Licence for Distillery in Dublin. (See News & Publications)
  • Obtaining Off Licence for inner City of Dublin Supermarket in the face of an objection from the State.
  • Obtaining Pub Licence for well known restaurant in the face of 15 trade objectors and other objectors. (See News & Publications)
  • Obtaining a 7 Day Licence for one of Ireland’s best known Department Stores.
  • Obtaining Pub Licences for several new premises in Dublin city centre.
  • Obtaining Off Licences for a large number of Convenience Stores and Supermarkets across all Symbol Groups and Independents throughout the country.
  • Winning High Court Judicial Review (including an award of costs) for a well known restaurant to allow it to obtain and hold a Pub Licence. (See News & Publications)
  • In the last year alone, successfully applying for numerous Off Licences for Supermarkets from Dublin City to Tipperary, Limerick, Kilkenny, Kildare, Mayo, Meath, Wicklow, Waterford city and county, Louth, Cork, Galway Carlow and Cavan
  • Defending prosecutions against Supermarkets and other Licensed premises under Licensing Acts for underage drinking and other offences.
  • Acquired well known Licensed restaurant chain for client.
  • Negotiated terms for leases and carried out legal work in respect of numerous supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and pub acquisitions throughout the country.
  • Revived Pub Licences and Off Licences in District and Circuit Courts nationwide.
  • Applied for numerous restaurant licences for well known restaurants and start up restaurants throughout the country.

Specialist Services Offered Countrywide

What Can We Do For You?

  • Advise on acquisition of site, either brownfield or greenfield. Carry out due diligence to assess if a location has potential to get a licence before a project is commenced. (There are restrictions on some individual supermarket and pub premises getting a 7 Day Licence)
  • Advise on pre planning matters to include introducing architects/engineers in any area throughout the country to assist with obtaining planning, if necessary fire safety certificates and, most importantly, to give evidence in court applications. The architects/engineers evidence in court is crucial to the success of the licence application. We fully brief the architects in advance of the planning application being lodged to ensure the correct form of planning permission is granted
  • Liaise with client’s accountants to establish the correct structure to be used for the project taking into account clients individual tax and VAT situations
  • Acquire an appropriate 7 day Pub Licence or Off Licence, if necessary, including the due diligence and purchase process for it. In this regard, it should be noted that the individual circumstances of a premises can have a serious impact on choosing the Licence to be purchased. Compton Solicitors carefully choose the licences to be purchased having assessed the factual situation on the ground as there are strategic reasons for purchasing licences in many cases
  • Provide an individual project plan for each premises from the beginning including a target court date and staff training. This plan will identify any title or other “housekeeping” issues at an early stage which must be attended to before a court application can be made
  • The Compton Licensing Team travel to District Courts and Circuit Courts throughout the country and present licence applications in a skilled and professional manner
  • Liaise with Customs and Excise to get the licence issued as quickly as possible if the court application is successful so that trade can start as soon as possible
  • Revive lapsed 7 Day Licences, Off Licences and Hotel Licences
  • Defend prosecutions under the licensing acts, equal status legislation and planning legislation
  • Provide annual renewal services for all types of Liquor Licences and Entertainment Licences including Pub Licences, Off Licences, Hotel Licences and Wine Licences.

Why Choose Us?

Liquor Licensing is a complex and multi faceted process.

We pride ourselves on providing a simple, non technical road map with a speedy timeline for completion of the project.   Along the way, we will liaise directly with architects and accountants to leave you free to concentrate on your business.